If you've never done so before, you may be wondering: why buy Cadillac? There are a lot of reasons and benefits why someone might want to drive home with one.
First, it's American. Forget the Germans and the Japanese: buying Cadillac means you get American engineering, quality, and service. It's that safe feeling that comes from knowing your car is made by the most passionate people with the best equipment possible.

Another benefit is Cadillac Shield: a comprehensive suite of owner benefits unmatched by any other automotive brand. From warranty protection and premium care maintenance to 24/7 roadside assistance and OnStar technology, Cadillac Shield ensures that luxury owners have everything they could possibly need.
Finally, it's Cadillac. No other brand has gained quite as much attention for its incredible yet affordable luxury. In fact, Cadillac is renowned as being the iconic premium brand around the world. If you've never owned a luxury vehicle before, being attracted to the shield badge is really the most natural thing there is.

For over a century, Cadillac has fueled the American dream with luxury vehicles. Based out of Detroit, the Cadillac name has long stood for uncompromising performance, groundbreaking technology, and bold design. To this day the company motto rings true: "We don't just make luxury cars. We make Cadillacs."
As the second oldest domestic automobile manufacturer, Cadillac has found its niche creating quality, dependable vehicles. The first automobiles were completed in 1902 and the brand has not slowed down since. Appealing to a wide range of drivers, our auto family of vehicles has something for everyone. Through its 100+ year history, the Cadillac brand has been the recipient of many awards as well as been a leader in the automotive industry with many firsts. The innovative brand continues to be a leader in the luxury vehicle market.

Buying a Cadillac should be a pleasurable experience for any consumer, so we've made it easy for you at Rippy Cadillac. As you search for the right vehicle at the right place for you, take the time to consider what factors will weigh into your decision. Location, service rating, friendliness, level of pressure applied in negotiation, and more.